The 3rd OpenNTF Development Contest kicked off back in February 2012 and today I am happy to announce the winners. So without any further ado here they are:

For the XPages Controls category the two winners are:

Mark Leusink - XPage Debug Toolbar
Stephan Schramm and Christian Annawald - ITWU Exporter on XPages

The prize for this category are $800 (US) to each of the winners.

For the XPages Applications category the two winners are:

Christian Gudemann, Peter Luder, Richie Schmid, Marco Baumann, Arthur Weiner, and Barbara Hegnauer - myWebGate

Martin Rolph, Adam Foster, Graham Simmons - Responsive Website

The prizes for this category are $1,600 (US) to each of the project teams.

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Later this week we will be posting the score cards for the top 5 entries from each contest category.

Here are some statistics from the contest that I wanted to share with you:

        •        There were 30 contest submissions, 21 of these were controls and 9 were applications.
        •        There were 32 Contributors of which 18 were first time OpenNTF Contributors.

Here’s a list of the 18 new Contributors who I personally want to thank for their participation in OpenNTF:

Jesse Gallagher, Mark Roden, Stephan Schramm, Christian Annawald, Linoy K George, Gayathri Viswanathan, Pablo Solano, Jakob Majkilde, Martin Rolph, Adam Foster, Graham Simmons, Russell Maher, David Leedy, Peter Luder, Richie Schmid, Marco Baumann, Arthur Weiner, Barbara Hegnauer.

Also a big thank you to all of the existing OpenNTF Contributors who participated in the contest: Mark Leusink, Patrick Kwinten, Julian Buss, Declan Lynch, Steve Pridemore, Weihang Chen, Serdar Basegmez, Martin Meijer, Ulrich Krause, Michael McGarel, Fredrik Norling, Christian Gudemann, Naveen Maurya and Paul Withers.

You can see screenshots and watch videos of all the contest entries on

I would also like to thank IBM's Niklas Heidloff for driving the success of the third development contest within the community. Ever since I started working with Niklas a few years back, he has always wanted to have a development contest like this. You have all helped to "knock this out of the park (again++)" for not only the IBM XPages community but for Niklas personally.

As Chairman of OpenNTF I would like to thank all of the people who participated in the contest and to IBM Business Partner We4IT for their sponsorship. The community is the ultimate winner here as they now have 30 new assets that can be used to develop and deliver apps.. 

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