As part of the XPages Development Contest sponsored by IBM business partner We4IT, Paul S Withers has contributed a new control - Mobile Value Picker.

Here is Paul's description:

"Mobile Value Picker, with properties to allow the picker to work client-side and server-side. Picker datasources available are:
- dominoView
- NotesDocument
- SimpleValuePicker

Client-Side Mobile Pages are the recommended option, to minimise requests back to the server via mobile networks which tend to have greater latency and worse reliability that desktop networks.

For a video on setting up a mobile XPage to work with the Mobile Value Picker client-side, see the video I made for NotesIn9.

For blog documentation on setting up a mobile XPage to work client-side or server-side with the Mobile Value Picker, see the series on my blog."

Watch the mini video to see the control in action.$File/3.%20Picker%20Search.gif/

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