Activity since the last review (you can see real time project activity here):

New Projects
DomSpamC DSCLearner - This application filters out spam emails that arrive at the Lotus Domino server. DomSpamC/DSCLearner is an interface from Domino to SpamAssassin
Quick IM - This Eclipse plugin sample code shows how to perform three Sametime actions (1. chat. 2. show business card, 3. add to contacts) for selected text in a document in the Notes client.
Bookmark Toolbar - This Eclipse plugin sample code shows how to add bookmarks to Notes documents to a custom toolbar in the Notes client via drag and drop.
TwitterNotes for Lotusscript - It is a wrapper of Twitter API that can be used with Lotus Script.
Template Checker - This C API program would run on the server taking a list of "good" templates and send the administrator a list of users/databases that were out of compliance so they could be corrected before rolling out a new template.
Realtime Dashboard - This application is a sample of how you can create good looking charts from Lotus Notes data without the need of Microsoft Excel or java. It is developed for the Lotus Notes client.
Client Level Tracker - Administrators often wonder what version of client users are running. This C API program will scan the log.nsf database on a server for either the entire timeframe that is captured or a subset and report on what level of client users are running with.

YouTube Channel
We have created a YouTube channel for OpenNTF. We aim to release videos on many of the projects of OpenNTF so they can be found inside and outside of the usual Lotus Notes Domino development community. Any ideas on how we can improve this channel then let us know.

Follow us on Twitter
OpenNTF has a twitter channel (openntf). Follow us for all the latest news and information.

Next Generation discussion template on IdeaJam
We have added our ideas etc for everyone to contribute to, vote on within our IdeaJam installation. We would be very grateful for your thoughts and opinions here.

Download Tab
The site updates are continuing, and the "Catalog" tab has now become "Download". So anything that can be downloaded from this site (projects, catalogs, code bin etc) can be accessed via that tab. Next job will be the "contribute" part (which is currently the projects tab).

A picture named M2

New IP Process
After months of discussion, blogs, and legal advice, OpenNTF has prepared a new IP Policy.  We have listened to the comments, and have tried to balance the desire for license flexibility with the need for a rigorous approach to avoid IP issues.  The new IP Policy is posted on the IP Working Group Forum - look down to the topic "Draft of the new IP Policy".  For those who really like legal documents, there is also a revised version of the Membership Agreement, the website Terms of Use, and the Individual and Corporate Contributor License Agreements - all of which flow from the new IP Policy.

We would like to hear your comments.

New Members
The Steering Committee will be voting in new members in next weeks meeting. Its not too late to get your organisations application in for that meeting (see the members paragraph (here).

We will also be organising a new member drive very shortly.

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